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    Clients Share Their Experiences With @designREMODEL


    Beyond Thrilled With The Work!

    We recently purchased a condo in New Seabury that hadn’t been updated much since it was built in 1986. We were looking to renovate two bathrooms, update the kitchen with new countertops, a backsplash and all new appliances, paint every room/ceiling, as well as a handful of other projects around the house (e.g. install overhead lighting, upgrade electrical outlets, add French doors, replace screens in all the sliders, etc.). Living 90 minutes away, we knew it would be difficult to oversee each project without hiring a general contractor. From the minute we met with John Clark, we knew he was the right person to manage the project – and he exceeded our expectations.


    John gave us great advice on each element of our project, and picked out fixtures and details that were in-line with our style. He was patient in quoting us for different “scenarios” so we could determine what projects could be completed within our budget. He quoted us an estimated six week turnaround time for the project and his team worked around the clock – including nights and weekends – to ensure the project was completed within the promised timeframe. John proactively gave us updates each week so we knew where each element of the project stood. The only glitch we ran into was an issue with our plumbing in one of the bathrooms – something that we could not have anticipated from the outset. The only impact it had on us was setting the project back a week due to the plumber’s schedule. Otherwise, the project was completed as promised.


    John is a true professional and it’s worth noting that our neighbors told us how impressed they were with his cleanup each evening – once John and his team left for the day, there was no evidence of work being done to the house from the outside; no eyesores for the neighbors.


    We are beyond thrilled with the work John did for us. Everything came out beautifully. We had a couple of minor fixes that we asked to be made and John handled those quickly. I would without a doubt recommend John to anyone in the greater Mashpee area looking for a reliable contractor. John is a true perfectionist and paid very close attention to detail throughout the project. We couldn’t be happier with our choice and our new home!

    Keith Watson & Keri Bertolino, Mashpee MA


    "Quite simply it is exactly what I had wanted."

    John is professional and charming, it was a pleasure to work with him. John makes you feel as if you were his only client, he is thoughtful, generous with his time, and respects the schedule you and he set up. He handles every aspect of the project so well. Whether it is meeting to discuss the project and his design plans, or whether he is in there working, or whether he is introducing you to any of his top notch sub-contractors, John is consistently upbeat, professional and always moving forward. 


    My goal was to have a high function, simple looking bathroom. John planned in the high function elements thus: a great deal of storage space, heated porcelain tile floor, heated towel rack, top quality, solid plumbing fixtures and bidet style seat for commode. He planned in serene design elements with muted colors, recessed lighting, clean, uncomplicated lines and rich porcelain and stone materials with quiet textures. Quite simply it is exactly what I had wanted.


    This project, as with any I suppose, threw us some curve balls and John had to take my house for remedial lessons in how to have straight walls, running water, insulated bathroom walls, and more. But he managed the crazy obstacles with aplomb. He came up with great solutions. I would say that he quite likes the chance to solve a problem here and there. He is efficient and very fair minded. 


    Working with John on this project turned out so well that I am already discussing another project with him; I have an idea that I will be back on here posting another positive review afterwards.


    Jayne Irvine, Falmouth MA


    "Has Redefined Our Entire House..."

    Given that we live in Manhattan, we knew that our Cape house remodel was going to be challenging.  However, after exchanging at least a dozen emails with John Clark, prior to even meeting him, we felt comfortable with the relationship that was developing.  John’s attention to detail, exhibited by the questions he asked and the ideas he proposed, gave us the confidence that he was as particular about the aesthetics of the project as we were. Over the last year we have remodeled every surface of our house, as well as undertaking a complete “gut” remodel of our kitchen this past fall.

    This approach of John’s continued throughout the execution of both phases of our remodel.  The work was done according to the plan, according to the schedule and within the budget.  The work was thorough and meticulous with the details, and the rest of the house was treated with care.  We were consulted about various additional things at the house that were identified as needing attention, though a few things were simply taken care of at no extra charge.

    The team that John assembles to carry out the work (carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc.) is superb.  These individuals share his approach.  John always gives the team full credit for the results, but takes full responsibility for any bumps along the way.

    At our most recent meeting, following completion of the second phase of our remodel, John asked if we were pleased with our kitchen?  In retrospect, we believe that question surfaced due to our apparent lack of enthusiasm over the completion of the kitchen.  We were guessing that what John did not realize was exactly how high our expectations were regarding the kitchen remodel, and that we fully expected it to look as amazing as it does.  The truth of the matter is that the kitchen remodel has not only completely redesigned the space, but has enhanced both the efficiency and the aesthetic dimensions of what is possible in a kitchen.  In essence, the kitchen remodel has redefined our entire house.

    We are now about to embark upon the addition of a bathroom and laundry space on the lower level of our house, and we continue to have complete confidence and trust in the fact that John Clark will hear and address our concerns and vision of the remodel, while maintaining the design and integrity of our house as a whole. 

    John and Denise MacKerron, Falmouth, MA



    Unbelievable Handle On Projects...

    The review below was posted on Houzz by the homeowner.

    The project consisted of a complete remodel of our Maushop Village Condominium. The scope included new kitchen, new bathrooms, wallpaper removal and complete painting of interior, wide pine floors being refinished.

    John from @designREMODEL made the process of remodeling our summer home a complete stress free experience. As you can imagine being a second home we were not able to be onsite everyday and in fact only came down a few times during the 2 1/2 month construction. With that said you really have to have complete trust in the builder you choose. John not only met this but went beyond including sending us almost weekly updates along with pictures.

    We had some issues with structure once the drywall was removed in some areas, but John explained the issues along with pictures and made the decision to fix the issues easy. We had one issue with a wrong accent tile strip being ordered, but John fixed the issue before we even had time to worry about it.

    We feel we were treated with complete respect during the construction and John has a unbelievable handle on his projects and even remembered items that I brought up during our first meeting but had forgotten about, but John incorporated into the final project.

    John developed his own punch list of items that did not meet his own quality control measures. When John told us some of the items such as a small blemish on a lighting fixture that 9 out of 10 people would never have noticed, I knew we had made the right choice in choosing John as our contractor.

    It is this level of quality and commitment that John brings to his projects that I enjoyed the most!

    Dan and Nan Kleeberg, Mashpee, MA


    "Three separate projects spanning three years"

    The review below was posted on Yelp.

    John Clark of @DesignRemodel is absolutely wonderful!  Thanks to him, we now have 2 beautiful bathrooms, a laundry center, and a refurbished dining area.  Our modest Cape-style home is becoming much more upscale, because his work is always meticulous.  I can't wait to have him re-do our kitchen!

    John has done this work in 3 separate projects, spanning 3 years.  The initial project took more time to plan, as John was getting to know our likes and dislikes, and as we got to know how John organizes the projects, and what kinds of materials he uses.  By the third project (the gorgeous upstairs bathroom) I think we only had to spend a few hours arranging the details with John, because we had such a good sense of each other's tastes and abilities! 

    It is easy communicating with John by email or phone to arrange all of the little details that go into these projects.  John often sends suggestions as links in his emails, which makes for very efficient "shopping".  

    One of the things I like best about John is that he will work within your budget and your personal tastes.  If you want  affordable yet high quality cabinets, fixtures, etc. he is familiar with the pros and cons of the major brands.  

    John knows how the work should be done to achieve superlative results.  During projects, he has incidentally found potential problems with the old windows, roof, trim, etc. on our house.  He has solved the problems efficiently if they relate to the project at hand.   He has also suggested ways the problems might be dealt with at a later date, in a cost-effective and timely way.  If it isn't a major undertaking, he usually just fixes the problem at no additional cost, and moves ahead with the project.

    John is very organized!  He has the project planned and the materials on hand before he begins the project.  He has a trailer loaded with his tools and miscellaneous hardware, and rarely needs to interrupt his work to go to the store for a critical piece of hardware or materials. 

    Above all, John is very considerate of the fact that people have to live in the house during the construction.  He keeps the house CLEAN AND TIDY while he is doing the project.  He lays down heavy paper to protect the floors where he needs to walk through the house.  He vacuums up the dust and litter at the end of the day.  He tries to leave the materials he is installing out of the way for as long as possible.  He tries to notify everyone ahead of time when things will get noisy.

    I can trust John, his crew, and his contractors 100% if they are in my house when I am not there.  I also trust them 100% to make things work out right when there are glitches in the construction project (and with an older home, those glitches do come up!).

    I recommend John Clark and @DesignRemodel without reservation!

    Sue & Lary Ball, North Falmouth MA


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