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FAQ. How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Bath Or Kitchen?

The length of time it will take to remodel a bath or kitchen depends upon several factors.

  • Size of project. Is it a minor upgrade or a full scale make over?
  • Age of home. Typically older homes will take more time to remodel due to outdated plumbing and electrical. Structural issues maybe a factor.
  • If the house was built before 1978 we are required to assume lead paint is present and we need to take a different approach than with houses built after 1978. The EPA issues fines of $37,000 per day to those who ignore the requirements of the law.
  • Does the space involve custom materials and on site construction?
  • Are there outside limitations?  ie. Homeowners association does not allow work during certain time periods.


For Clients of @designREMODEL, this is what you can expect.

  • Standard bathroom make over: Five to ten working days
  • Complete make over with custom work: Twenty to forty working days.
  • Kitchen update: Five to fifteen working days.
  • Standard kitchen update: Twenty to forty working days.
  • Complete make over with custom work: Thirty to sixty working days.

Each project has its own requirements and quirks and we have to adjust the schedule at times. Typically we do not start any project until we have all of the components checked and ready to go whenever possible. 

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